Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily-Day 1

It's here!!! The first day of December! I can't even believe it. :P

Are you all ready? As far as decorations go, we are far from ready at my house. My husband, to be honest, is a bit of a Scrooge. And he will fully admit it to anyone. But I know that as the month goes on, and we see more and more decorations up, and our daughter Creedence starts really getting into the spirit of Christmas, he will most definitely come around. :D He will do anything for his little girl. (That's why I am working so hard right now on teaching her to say things like 'Can we get a Christmas tree?' or 'Christmas lights would look lovely on our house too!') LOL! Anything to get into the holiday spirit huh?!

Anyway, I decided this year that I wanted to attempt a December Daily. I had never done one before, and really am slightly clueless when it comes to what you put in it, so mine might end up being a little funky compared to some other peoples. The only problem is-I still have yet to make mine!!! :P Yeah! I am behind. But I have all my supplies together (minus the book to put it all in), so I am just going to work on it slowly and diligently until I catch up! :D

Unfortunately, I am not working with the beautiful new Bedford Falls kit! This was a tight month financially, so I decided to work on my stash instead of getting the kit (hardest decision in the world!!!). Here is the sneak picture below. It is jam-packed full with tons of gorgeousness!

There are other girls on the DT who are working with the kit, and making their December Daily's out of this kit-so be sure to check in on the message boards to see all they have done! There is actually a specific forum for December Daily's, that is filling up fast with lots of tips on creating your December Daily (and staying on top of it!), but also has links to online freebies and such for printing out at home! I check that forum first everyday to see what our members are creating, and any new tips that anyone has to offer! :D

I will be doing my first page tonight-it won't actually have a picture I don't think-but it will have journaling about what we did today, how we are as a family right now, and what I have planned for the month ahead. There are many places I want to take Creedence around here, and lots of crafts I want to try and do with her-so I will be making that list and including it with my first page. :D Then after that I have to make the rest of the book!!! LOL!!

So my apologies for not really having anything to show you today. That is not typical of me! But I will be updating the December Daily forum with images of my December Daily as I create it! So be sure to check that out-along with all the awesome DD's everyone else on the boards have made so far! They are all so different, but that is what makes them personal and special. :D

Hope you all are well! Take care!


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