Monday, December 20, 2010

Rediscovering Christmas

How's the Christmas season going for ya so far??
So far, so good for me!
We have had some not-so-good Christmases in the recent drama, you know!
I really want this year to be different and better!
And because of that, this layout was born...
{made entirely with the Bedford Falls kit!}
Let me point out a funny thing about that layout...
In the Bedford Falls kit, there is this embellishment from Making Memories.
FYI: this is 1 embellishment, not 4!
I thought these were all individual pieces!!
I mean, I even thought (as I am pulling the pieces apart), "Geez, these things are really stuck together!"
Well they were supposed to be!
FYI: this 1 embellishment can be pulled apart to become 4!
And P.S. I have a post up on the Tips & Techniques blog about how I did the journaling on this page.

Happy Monday!
5 more days until Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

This is GORGEOUS Gretchen!!! The journaling is divine!!!

Kim Moreno said...

Love this Gretchen!! I've been scratching my head with that embellishment too! Lol