Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How did he know?

When I first read this week's challenge I wasn't sure what I would scrap about. I'm sure I have some great gifts that I received as a child that I could've scrapped about. I wish I had some deeply sentimental or emotional gift to scrap about. But the thing that popped into my head was my KitchenAid mixer my husband got for me for our first Christmas together.

I had wanted one for years but hadn't asked for one (hello, those things are expensive!!) I don't know how he thought I'd even want one other than he figured out pretty quick how much I love Christmas and love to bake!!

But on Christmas morning I was thoroughly shocked to see that mixer. I actually thought there was a different gift inside! hehe And 10 yrs later it is still one of the best gifts I've received. And it still works great!
In other Christmas projects, I've begun working on my December Daily. I thought I'd share the cover and the first few pages that I have completed.

I picked a chipboard album I had in my stash and used all the goodies to decorate it came from the beautiful Bedford Falls kit.

Be sure to link up your projects over on the message board!!

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Gretchen said...

fabulous stuff Michelle!!!!