Monday, December 27, 2010

No lights

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend!
Today I am sharing with you my layout for the newest challenge.
This one is all about how you decorate outside of your homes for the holidays!
Scrap outside of the house: your outside decorations, how your town celebrates/decorates, or a favorite place you have visited for the holidays!
I scrapped about how for like the 8th year in a row we have talked about putting up Christmas lights on the house but still have never once done it!!
{Everything is from the Bedford Falls kit here except I added the teal-ish bling from my stash}
I can tend to get quite wordy with my journaling.
When I originally put the journaling strips on this layout, they totally overwelmed the page.
And I just did not like it.
What I ended up doing was shortening the journaling so there were less strips on the page (as seen above).
Then I rewrote the full, original journaling on a piece of cardstock and attached it to the back of the layout.
That way I can remember the full story without all that journaling taking over my layout!
Alrighty folks!
Enjoy the rest of 2011!
and happy scrappin'!!

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Michelle Whitlow said...

I like that idea of putting the full journaling on the back!