Thursday, March 3, 2016

My LEAP with Picture Perfect Daily Diary Kit

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the month of March and a brand NEW kit!
Exciting stuff.

This week's theme is all about taking a leap...taking on a new page design, or new technique...something out of my personal norm.

So as much as I do love trying new definitely was a bit intimidating! Change...always a struggle, right?!?

So, what I did come up with for the challenge is a fun new way (for me) to use pocket page cards.  I decided to essentially create my own background pattern paper by combining the various cards and turns out...I love it!

Usually as much as I love bold colors, patterns and designs...I often find I do not implement them too often in my own scrapbooking.  However, after this challenge I think that might change!  I loved playing with the patterns and pops of color.  It really was fun and I think also a great way to use up those extra cards we all have lying in our stashes.

Once my background page was complete, I even added some subtle machine stitching.  Then I had fun adding in my photo along with some of the many awesome embellishments that made up the kit this month.  I am obsessed with the type word strip stickers! You will definitely be seeing them on everything this month.  I really had fun mixing and matching the embellishments and playing with colour.

I truly love challenges such as these that push me out of comfort zones.  I have definitely learned to "embrace colour more"...and patterns!  Really work at mixing and's fun!  I am loving all of the possible combinations and this challenge really has helped me creatively.  It was really fun bringing everything together.

See you next week!


Becky Williams said...

This is super cute! I can't wait for my kit to get here.

Donna said...

This is fantastic. love it