Sunday, April 26, 2015

Little Girls, Little Girls- a simple technique to make patterned paper toned down!

Happy Sunday afternoon!

I'm wrapping up our "techniques" week here on the blog... have you checked out all the different awesome ways our designers have shared little tips and tricks this week? So many awesome ones!

I feel a little silly sharing this one, but over the years, I've shared so many techniques on this blog, so I've started to feel like I'm repeating myself! This one is a simple one, but a favorite one of mine:

If I have patterned paper that is a little too "busy" for my layout, I will just swipe some white craft paint on top of the pattern to soften it. It helps with making the layout not quite so busy looking, and gives a little place for your eye to rest. I also love the way it looks peeking out from behind other layers! 

I hope you've enjoyed our tips and tricks! 

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