Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Catching up with Hello Darling

Happy Tuesday everybody !!

For this weeks project I decided to go back to 2014 and finish up some pages.
The colors of the Hello Darling kit were just right too !

As I was looking through my pictures from last May I realized that I didn't have enough pictures to fill up 2 full weeks.

One of the things that I love about pocket pages is that there are no rules. I have the option to combine weeks if I want. Or to skip weeks. I could even do it monthly if I wanted to. There are so many options.

As you well know I love to cut up pieces to use as embellishments. I cut the documented banner out of one of the 4x4 cards. It is a fun way to personalize your cards.

This week on the blog we are featuring a lot of "Cut and Color". Which means cutting things out and vibrant colors, whether it be with a cutting machine or with your hands. Another reason why I cut this out to add to my title card.

Here is a closer look at some of the journaling cards. The blue arrow was cut from another journaling card and added to some of the patterned paper from the kit.

A closer look at some of the journaling cards and photos. I just love that Say Cheese card with the camera. I added a photo of my son after he had gotten a haircut. He loves to get his hair cut because he gets a sucker afterwards.

For this card I used the top part of the Document banner (added to my title card) and added it to the side of my journaling card. I also used my cutting skills to cut out the word happiness and add the bottom of this card.

Don't you just love that pie chart card !! I used my pen to doodle around it to make it stand out more I added some letters to spell out YOU. I took a bunch of funny photos of Maddie brushing her teeth one night. She was cracking me up the whole 2 minutes !! On the bottom of the card I added a wood arrow to point to the photo.

More cutting up journaling card to make custom ones for this photo. I cut one of the journaling cards in half and added it to another. I finished it off by adding the pink sticker in the middle.

On the next card I cut the top off of one of the existing journaling card because i loved the number pattern and wanted to use it on top of the photo.

Don't afraid to make your rules when it comes to pocket pages. You can do whatever your heart desires. That is what I love about pockets. You can add a whole bunch of photos together and make it look like it all belongs.

Another tip is to cut up those cards and papers that you have. Make something unique and new with them. Trust me, it's lots of fun !!

Happy Scrapping everyone !


TracieClaiborne said...

This is fabulous! I love everything you do!!
Signed, Your Biggest Fan #notastalker #maybejustalittlebit

Mindi said...

Ha Ha !! Tracie - you seriously are the best !! Thank you very much. This made my day for sure ! Hugs.