Thursday, April 23, 2015

Custom cards for your pocket pages...

Hi again, Agnus here with another share from my project life album using a beautiful mix of goodies from the Hello Darling Daily Diary kit.

 This week we have all been sharing a few of our favorite techniques and one of my favorite things to do with my daily diary kits is to cut them up!! Yes that's right, I like to cut up my cards and piece them back together into new custom designs. 

The first thing I do is sort through the cards and papers and chose a few base pieces to build upon. Keeping the base card whole makes putting the pieces together much easier, and when working with a themed page -  in this case Easter, I like my cards to have a common element to help them all tie in together. I decided to use the wood grain pattern featured on a few of the cards to achieve this. 

Once I had my base cards selected it was just a matter of finding coordinating cards with patterns or text to suit the type of card I wanted to create. I then began cutting the cards into simple strips and shapes to layer over each base card.

Next, I headed to my selection of smaller cards, tags and stickers and began building up the layers. 

My title card started with a wood grain base, then working from the outside in I added strips of patterned cards and layered a full 3x4'' card to the center. Once my layers were attached I then went ahead and added a few embellishments to create a focal point. 

Hand stitching has always been one of my go to techniques for adding a finishing touch to my projects, and I love the detail that metallic thread adds to my cards. 

By cutting only what I needed for each card, I was left with plenty of scrap pieces such a the triangle below, which made a great accent of coordinating pattern to add to the card as well as a few of my photos. 

Your layers do not need to be complicated to be effective, and I've found that simple geometric shapes seem to work best with my style of scrapping and that adding contrasting shapes is a great way to add more interest to the overall design.  

I hope you found this technique inspiring, and maybe you will be tempted to created some custom pieces for your next project.

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