Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Using the Fuse Tool with the Pack Your Bags Daily Diary Kit

Have you ever seen an element that you wanted to include in your pocket pages but it was an awkward size and hard to work in? When going through my Pack Your Bags Daily Diary Kit, I had that feeling when I saw this 2x6 "Our Adventure" cut apart from the 12x12 Crate Paper sheet in the kit. Luckily, my Fuse tool from We R Memory Keepers had just come in and I was able to craft my own page protectors to suit my needs.

I modeled the majority of my page protector after the Becky Higgins Page Protector G, but changed one of the vertical 4x6s into two horizontal 3x4s and then added some 2x2 pockets and that 2x6 pocket to fit my "Our Adventure" card. 

Our theme this week is Cut and Color, meaning that we were challenged to use vibrant colors and to either fussy cut or use a die cutting machine. The vibrant colors came easy with the Pack Your Bags kit. I'm usually one who likes a lot of white space so this page was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think it's quite fun. 

I trimmed the "Best day" off of another journal card and used it to layer underneath my photo. I didn't use any filler cards with sentiments on this page, so I wanted there to be a title of some sort and this worked perfectly. 

Another thing that I did that was outside my comfort zone was I included that 6x2 panorama photo as a vertical element. I wish that I could've included it as a horizontal image, but vertical works and the photo is documented so I'm happy. 

I used two pieces of paper from the 6x6 sheets that came in the kit to make these triangle pockets. They are the perfect bit of color and embellishment without adding too much dimension. 

These two pages are actually front and back instead of a spread and I created both sides before fusing into the page protector. I just took a 12x12 layout sleeve (one big pocket) and started at the bottom right and moved up one card at a time. My cards and photos are solidly in their page protectors and I have a unique page protector layout to house all my uniquely-sized elements. Definitely a win-win! 

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