Thursday, October 15, 2015

Changing Seasons

Yes, we're changing literal seasons right now. Fall is (hopefully) upon most of you. I can't say that I'm seeing much of it, surrounded by 96 degree heat and nary a hint of a crisp fall air in sight. BLAH. I just want sweaters and lattes, and cinnamon-scented everything and butternut squash soup and excuses to go shopping. Like, a lot.

A lot.

And I want to make changes in my own life, as well. I feel myself being pulled in new directions, and it's a good thing. Most people feel refreshed in the New Year, or in Spring, but this is usually the time of year for me that I feel most ready for a change of pace.

So it's a Changing Season for me right now. It's time to spend more time. To take more time. To enjoy more time. Because it's easy to forget to do that.

It's also easy to forget to buy printer ink.

So you get a no-photo layout. Because I was not about to take the time to go to Staples, when I know I can just as easily say what's in my heart. And you'll get that.

So take some time for yourself. Document where you're at right now, with this change of season. We love seeing what you do!

And in case you're like me, and blocking all things out but your desire for anything pumpkin-spicee and forgetting about our fun upcoming crop next week on our Facebook Members page, DON'T. Don't forget to join in on the fun with us. Take some time for that.

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