Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 goals

Hey everyone, Michelle here! This week we're talking about goals. And while I don't do the typical New Year's resolutions I do like to have goals that I set for myself throughout the year. And one of those for this year is that I would like to be more consistent with using my planner. Last year I did pretty good for a while, then fell off the wagon, then back on, etc. The weeks that I'm consistent with my planner I feel much more organized and a tad less stressed (for obvious reasons!)
So this year I picked up 2 planners, both Happy Planners. The regular sized planner will be my most used planner with the mini planner just as a calendar that I can throw in my purse. I much prefer to have a physical planner than using the calendar in my phone. Side note - last year I had all of the dates in the calendar on my phone just disappear. It was awful. Once again I was reminded why 'old school' is sometimes best!

So here's a look at last week's spread in my Happy Planner:
I was able to decorate a bit more since we didn't have a ton going on other than the whole back to school routine. Not every week is decorated this much, just depends on what I have going on and how much time I have to devote to decorating my planner. However, using the Little Bird Daily Diary Kit I was able to decorate pretty quickly.

And here's a look at my mini planner:
Pretty basic, I don't spend a lot of time on decorating this one. Just a little washi along the edges and a few stickers from the kit. I write notes in it as the week goes on. Like I said, this one gets thrown in my purse so I have important dates with me when I'm away from home (my regular planner stays home, either on my desk or the kitchen counter). 
I absolutely love the washi in this kit so I enjoyed using it in my planners! It will definitely be making another appearance in the weeks to come!

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