Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Celebrate 15

Happy New Year everyone!! I'm excited to be playing with the Little Bird Daily Diary kit this week! My oldest daughter's birthday was on Monday so the kit was perfect for documenting that day.
I'm amazed I managed to put '2017' instead of 2016!!

I've mentioned in the past that I don't do the 'traditional' pocket pages, as in I don't do weekly spreads. I usually do my pages in 1 of 2 ways - 1) either I'm documenting a particular month and I'll do a left to right spread which will go in my family's scrapbook or 2) I'll document a particular event or trip and my page will be either just the front side or a front and back page so that I can slip it into whatever scrapbook it needs to go in. 

In the case of this particular page I made today, it will go in my daughter's scrapbook mixed in with traditional scrapbook pages, so I made the page front and back so it can easily slip in her album.
I did a mix of color and black and white photos since some of my photos were taken at Red Robin where we went for my daughter's birthday dinner and the colors clashed big time and were a distraction on my page. 

I also added a funny meme I found the day of her birthday and a photo of her and I after she was born. Amazing how time flies!!

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